Pastor's Update

  Pastor's Update  
Each month, Pastor Weiland writes a personal message of encouragement for the members of Christ Lutheran.

Pastor's updates generally correspond to his updates in the monthly congregational newsletter, The Messenger

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Merrill, WI - WELS
September 2017
“An Invitation For You...”

“Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ” —- (Romans 10:17).?

With these words, the Apostle Paul under inspiration of the Holy Spirit reminds us that if we want to grow in our faith lives, in our spiritual maturity, if we want to have an increasingly close walk with God, we must spend time with God’s Word. Hearing, reading, and studying the Word are what we mean by “spending time” with God’s Word. Of course, after we hear, read, and study that Word, we need to submit to that Word and meditate on how we can apply that Word to our lives for it to effect the changes God wants in our lives. 

When we think of hearing the Word, the first thing that comes to mind is attendance at worship. That’s where we are most used to hearing God’s Word. It’s an important part of our faith lives, to be sure. When we think of reading God’s Word, we generally think of reading the Bible on our own or reading something like Meditations on a regular basis. This is also important, because spending a little time with God’s Word every day helps keep us spiritually alert and strong against temptations, which don’t take a break or come to us only on Sundays. When we talk about studying the Word of God, we generally think of Bible Class.

It’s this last one—Bible class—that I’d like to promote in this month’s lead article.

Bible Class is a wonderful opportunity to do all three of the above—hear, read, and study the Word. In addition, Bible class allows us to share spiritual insights with each other. It’s comforting to know that others struggle with the same things you do! Bible class gives a person an opportunity to ask questions of the pastor—an opportunity that doesn’t come during the worship service or in one’s personal devotions at home.

One can participate as much or as little as one wants to in Bible class. Some of our members like to read the Scripture passages and are open about sharing things. Others in the class prefer to mostly sit and listen. Either way is fine! No one will pressure you to read or offer anything if you don’t want to. Here’s a great Bible class fallacy: Bible class is for “mature Christians” only. Bible class is for EVERYONE, no matter what level you feel your faith life is at. In fact, one could argue that Bible class is exactly where one should be if they feel insecure about their knowledge of God’s Word and its teachings.

In many ways, I have enjoyed serving the vacancy at St. Andrew in Goodrich. But one of the things I have missed most is leading Sunday Bible class here at Christ Lutheran. I look forward to doing that very soon again, as the vacancy situation is nearing an end.  

Your spiritual growth is one of my greatest concerns as your pastor. I’m conscious of that when I prepare sermons and Bible studies. But for YOU to benefit from those things, your need to be present. And that’s why I’m inviting YOU to Bible class. Won’t you please come?

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Merrill, WI - WELS

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