THE CHURCH COUNCIL will meet on Monday, July 10, at 6:30.

AN OPEN JOINT FELLOWSHIP/EVANGELISM MEETING  will be held later in July to discuss our congregation’s involvement in the Labor Day Parade. This is an “open” meeting, meaning that we are looking for anyone interested in helping out with the parade to attend as well. We’ll publish the exact date of the meeting in an upcoming bulletin. 

THE JULY VOTERS’ MEETING will be on July 30. The meeting will take place after the worship service, around 10:00am.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITUES! We are looking for people that may be interested in serving as the youth music director or co-directors at church.  Basically, this person would be responsible for working with Pastor to provide opportunities for youth in PK-8 to sing in church services and before Sunday School.  This person would also help pick out music for the children's Christmas program.  Music CDs from the Christ Light curriculum are available for use as well. 

Secondly, we are looking for person(s) interested in being the regular teacher at the grades 4-6 level in our Sunday School.  (There are four students at this level.)  This person would be responsible for preparing and then providing lessons from the Christ Light curriculum and helping out with the children's Christmas service. If you would like more information or wish to express an interest about these opportunities please contact Scott Schult. 

PASTOR WEILAND  will be out of town from July 11 through the 20th. For pastoral help call For pastoral help, please call Rev. Andy DeGier (the new pastor at Trinity, town Berlin) at 1-920-471-1770. Or, you can try Rev. Terry Reich at 715-443-2119).

THURSDAY NIGHT WORSHIP: Our Thursday summer services have begun (6:30 pm), and will continue through August 31 (Labor Day weekend). Holy Communion will be celebrated on those Thursday nights which precede a normal Communion Sunday. 

LAWN-MOWING SIGN-UP:  We are always looking for more volunteers to help with the lawn cutting chores at church. See the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for details.

FAMILY VBS WRAP-UP: We averaged 35 people at our 3 family VBS sessions! Our thanks to our teachers, helpers, supper providers, and others who helped make our VBS the fun and educational time that it was. 

PICTORIAL DIRECTORY INFORMATION: We have two “shooting dates” for taking our members’ pictures for the new directory—July 10th and 11th, from 2pm-9pm. You can sign up online for a time slot through either our church web page (, or through Facebook. If you don’t have internet access, and want to sign up, there is a sign-up sheet located on the bulletin board. It would be wonderful if EVERYONE participated in this. Remember, our church directory won’t be complete without YOUR picture in it! 

GREETERS NEEDED!  Please sign up for a date on the narthex bulletin board. Individuals, couples, and entire families are encouraged to sign up to be greeters! You can sign up for  any date you want.  

GOING ON VACATION?   If you need to know the closest WELS congregation to your favorite vacation spot, ask Pastor Weiland—he can provide you with all the information you need. Besides keeping ourselves spiritually fed, what a great lesson it can be for our children on keeping God’s Word a top priority in our lives, when we make the effort to worship when we are on vacation!  

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church - Merrill, WI - WELS