VOTERS MEETING: The next voters meeting will take place on July 22nd immediately after the church service.  Everyone invited and voters are encouraged to attend

THE CHURCH COUNCIL will meet on Monday JULY 9 at 6:30.

LABOR DAY PARADE PLANNING COMMITTEE: Will meet on Tuesday, July 10 at 6:30. Everyone is welcome to participate and contribute ideas and talent.

EVANGELISM COMMITTEE MEETING: Will meet on Tuesday, July 17, at 6:30.

ELDERS MEETING: Elders will meet on Monday, July 16 at 4:30

JULY 5 AND 8 SERVICES: Institutional Ministries (IM) will be leading our worship services on July 5 and 8.  After the services there will be a short, informal Bible study on both Thursday and Sunday around the theme Sharing God’s Word with those who cannot come to us.  IM exists to share God’s Word, especially the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, with all individuals who are or have been institutionalized, and their families. IM serves people in the upper Midwest, in prisons and jails, in mental health institutions, in hospitals and nursing centers, in re-entry ministry to those returning to society, and in support of individuals with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  There will be a door offering on both dates with the money going to support IM.  Learn more about this ministry at www.IM.Life.

CHRIST EDUCATION LISTENING SESSION: On July 29 at 10:30 in the church basement, we would like to take a moment to gather any ideas that you may have to better the different educational aspects of our church.  From these ideas, the Board of Christian Education will discuss and vet them, and report the results of those discussions.  All members of the congregation are invited to attend.

PASTOR DEGIER ON VACATION: Pastor DeGier will be out of town on vacation starting after the church service he is conducting at Council Grounds this week (Sunday, July 1 @ 9 AM).  He will be returning in the afternoon on Sunday, July 8.  If you need the assistance of a pastor during this time, please contact Pastor Joel Willitz (home: 715-675-3751; cell: 989-751-3684).

THE CLEANING TEAM is looking for a person or persons to take over cleaning the upstairs (bathrooms not included).  If you are not interested in cleaning every week, please consider signing up for one week on the list in the narthex.

CWTAP UPDATE: The “Called Worker Tuition Assistance Program”, designed to financially assist those who are studying for the preaching or teaching ministries in the WELS, is in need of donations. Special envelopes for this are located to the right of the Board of Christian Education bulletin board.  Also, applications for financial assistance for the CWTAP are due by May 6. 

SCRIP SALES: Mrs. Kathy Schuch will be in the narthex every Sunday after the worship service to take subscriptions for the Scrip Program, a convenient, easy-to-use program which supports NLHS. Need the “program” explained to you? Kathy will be happy to tell you about it!

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